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March 22, 2018
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So Called Right To Work Information

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So called (Right to Work) Wrong for Ohio, Wrong for America

Let's be realistic about this potential Right to Work legislation. In response to the letter published in the Akron Beacon Journal's commentary section on Friday, March 20, 2015 there are some discrepancies in that letter that I would like to address.

But first I would like to say a little something about the robotic look of Gov. Scott Walker. This is a man that has no feelings and no soul. His careless, carefree attitude about people and the policies that affect them are unacceptable. If you pull back the curtain you'll find one of the Koch brothers operating a joystick and the other Koch brother typing the words that are coming out of Scott Walker's mouth. We do not need another "Wizard of 02" politician.

For the last 40 plus years workers' rights have been under attack! Suppressed wages and opportunities have enriched some business leaders who are already extremely well-off. Those business leaders and the politicians that they have in their pockets invoke policies, procedures and legislation that trump all moral, ethical and sometimes legal responsibilities allowing them to further enrich themselves with money and power. Because of these attacks, we the people need to use our common sense and band together and stand up to these individuals. This is why unions are needed now more than ever. If we don't stand up now we will be back where we were in the 1950's!

This continued barrage of comments that unions are no longer needed is an attempt to convince the public not to protect themselves from those unethical and immoral types of policies and so-called right to work legislation.

Let's look at the comment "71% of Americans support right to work legislation a group reported". But its clear most Americans don't understand what is written in right to work legislation. When they do understand it, they don't support. It's the same concept with the Affordable Care Act. When the majority of people in this country are asked, do you support Obama Care, they say no, when you ask most people if they support the Affordable Care Act they say yes. Not realizing the Affordable Care Act and Obama Care are the same thing. The label makes a difference in how people react or vote in the case of Right to Work legislation.

Greedy business leaders and careless out of touch politicians are hiding the facts behind the label. The "Right to work law" does not give employees any more rights as it implies. In fact it takes away rights that workers have and gives even more rights and privileges to the employer. Currently most labor laws in Ohio attempt to have an equal balance of protection between employer and employee giving the employer more consideration to make sure the work gets done, without taking advantage of the employee.

Right to work legislation puts the employee at greater risk of being taken advantage of by unethical employers and/or managers in the work place. The So-called right to work legislation is nothing but Senate Bill 5 on steroids. Voters in Ohio spoke loud and clear in 2011 about Senate Bill 5, no way go away. The Right to work legislation was also attempted in 1957, the voters of Ohio said no way then. It's time to move on; Ohio voters have spoken two times already. The Department of Labor reports that Indiana and Michigan have higher unemployment rates than Ohio. This is the trend among States that have so-called right to work laws in place; in addition these states have higher on the job deaths, lower wages by about $15,000 per year. Also women and minorities tend to make less than that on average in the States that have so-called Right to Work.

States without so-called right to work laws tend to have jobs with higher wages, better health care benefits and pensions guarantees with increases in employment opportunities. Those are the facts. As I have stated in the pass "Legislation with Right to Work language in it is an attempt to create a subservient workforce with a slave like mentality".

George Johnson


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